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5 Ways to Create a Mindful Environment at Home

Mindfulness is something that has become increasingly popular over the last decade. While it may seem like a trend, the practice of mindfulness actually offers so many benefits to our mental wellbeing, which in turn impacts our overall health and happiness.


How we feel at home is greatly impacted by our environment. Our home should be a place of solace, somewhere to relax at the end of a long day and enjoy spending time alone or with our loved ones. There are a few things you can do to ensure you feel safe and calm at home – here are five ways to create a more mindful environment at home…


  1. Let the fresh air in


One of the most simple ways in which you can ensure your home feels airy and comfortable is to regularly let the fresh air in. This may seem like a minimal thing, but the air in our homes can become stale and stuffy, making us feel cloudy in our minds and sluggish. Whenever the sun is shining, open up the windows and air the house out. If you have the opportunity, try opening up your patio doors and sitting quietly in a comfortable armchair with a coffee or book, enjoying the feeling of calm and lightness that fresh air in the home brings.


2. Invest in calming fragrances


Our senses greatly influence how we feel, with sight and smell being the most powerful when it comes to our mood. A great way to influence how you feel at home is to introduce calming fragrances. Candles, diffusers and oil burners are all a great way to help shift your mind from work mode into relaxation. Great calming fragrances to try at home include: lavender, jasmine, vanilla and rosemary.


3. Introduce fresh flowers


A wonderful gift to yourself is a beautiful bouquet of fresh flowers. Not only will this fill your home with a beautiful scent, regularly investing in fresh flowers for the home will also remind you to be kind to yourself and that you are worthy of your own self-love. Try displaying flowers somewhere that you will see them regularly, such as the kitchen table, to get the most benefit from your investment. Every time you walk past your beautiful bouquet, you will feel uplifted.


4. Declutter and introduce calming colours


Clutter can be incredibly distracting and is one of the main reasons why we may struggle to feel at ease in our own environment. Lots of clutter around can be overwhelming, and may just serve as a reminder of all the things we need to do or reinforce a feeling that we’re not on top of things as we feel we should be. If your home is cluttered, take a day or two to get on top of things to create a more calming space.

Colour plays a big role in our senses and how we feel. Calming colours include soft greys and blues, muted pastels and greens. If you’re going to rework just one space, make it a room you relax in, such as the living room or bedroom. Choose a calming colour palette, making use of natural materials too such as wood and light fabrics like cotton.


5. Style unloved corners with houseplants


Many houseplants actually improve the air quality in the home, which is especially beneficial if you live in a city. Greenery in the home can feel incredibly calming too, working as a constant connection to nature. Try introducing houseplants to add interest to an unloved corner, or place on open shelving, windowsills, or table tops. Just a couple in each room can make a huge difference.

Working to actively improve your environment to allow you to be more mindful at home is a great way to reduce stress and improve your overall well being. For beautiful handmade luxurious bouquets that will brighten up your space, check out our collection here.

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