Flower Friday: Anemone

This week’s flower Friday is dedicated to the beautifully delicate anemone flower, one of our personal favourites! According to the Oxford English Dictionary, this beautiful flower translated from Greek means ‘Daughter of the Wind’. It is believed in Greek myth that when the Greek God Adonis died, the tears Goddess Aphrodite wept gave life to anemones. Other myths believe that fairies use anemone petals to make their beds after sunset! They are also thought to be linked to anticipation, closing their petals as a sign that rain is coming.


These beautiful florals bloom in Spring and Autumn  and are perennial flowers. The stems of the flower holds one or several flower heads in colours of white, red, blue and sometimes yellow. They are known to grow in places as diverse as Israel, Japan and Britain and grow best in partial shade. Despite taking a little while to surface, once they have settled in they are known to spread quite rapidly, especially in the Autumn.


Let us know if you have any of these beauties in your own garden and if not, stop by one of our shops and treat yourself to a pretty bunch!

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