Flower Friday: Lisianthus

This month we welcome the lovely Lizzi, otherwise known as Lisianthus as a vibrant addition to our shops in George Street and The Royal Exchange. Known as Eustoma Russellianum in Latin, this gorgeous flower comes in multiple colours such as white, pink, lavender, deep purple and even bi-colours with different coloured tips! Due to expansive reproduction programmes in Japan since the 1930’s, the flower as we know it now is down to their close cultivation and attention to detail. It is known to originate from North America in the riverbeds but can also be found in the warmer areas of the United States, Mexico, the Caribbean and Northern South America. It is also commonly referred to as Texas Bluebell and it’s Latin name Eustoma is named after the Greek words ‘eu’ meaning beautiful and ‘stoma’ meaning mouth.

Flower Friday: Lisianthus Jamie Aston Florist

It is seen to be a very versatile flower which can be used in almost any arrangement with a lengthy lasting time of 7-14 days if kept fully watered. They come in different varieties – singularly stemmed which resemble tulips or poppies, and multi-stemmed with beautiful buds dotted along the stem, with only some of the flowers opening at one given time.  Despite having very delicate and soft blousy petals but they are very easy flowers to take care of if placed in enough water with no leaves remaining on the stems below water level.

Flower Friday: Lisianthus Jamie Aston Florist

Believed to represent appreciation, gratitude and charisma, these are the perfect flowers to fill your house with this January, so why not pop into one of our shops and pick yourself up a bunch!

25 The Royal Exchange, London EC3V 3LP 

19 George Street, Marylebone, London W1U 3QN

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