Flower Friday: Ranunculus

Bringing beautiful bright colours to the colder months, we can’t get enough of Ranunculus and their lovely blousy petals. Originating in Central Asia, the flower finally arrived in Europe where it was given the name Ranunculus, latin for ‘Frog’ due to Wild Ranunculus often being found in swampy areas. Known to symbolise charm, in the Victorian times this wonderful flower would be given as a gift to someone who they thought to be very charming! With their lovely numerous crepe-paper thin petals, these flowers make for wonderful long lasting cut flowers and come in an array of oranges, pinks, yellows and white. They are frost-hardy flowers and come out in the colder seasons, but perform best in fairly mild winters and in long and cool Springs. With their ability to make any arrangement pop, we love to use these flowers in floral headdresses or just popped as a bunch in a pretty jug for a more relaxed, country feel.

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