Flower Friday: Eryngium Thistles

Friday and the weekend have officially arrived and we thought what better way to celebrate than sharing one of our favourite flowers of the moment with you – the Eryngium Thistle.


This flower, often known from it’s Greek origin meaning ‘Sea Holly’ can be seen to flower between the months of July and September. It is known to be very hardy, standing tough against drought, winds and salt sprays. Throughout their growth, they transform from a vivid blue colour, to dark green and then to a nice autumnal dark chocolate, and look just as lovely when dried. Usually found in Europe and the Mediterranean, this plant also uses it’s prickly leaves to deter grazing animals.


This type of flower is known to have 220 species but our favourites have to be Alpine Sea Holly and Amethyst Sea Holly. Alpine Sea Holly can be found in Switzerland, and is considered to be one of the bluest species of them all. It grows as high as 2 foot tall and is often spotted between July and August. Amethyst Sea Holly is known to be found in the Pyrenees and is one of the most cold hardy of them all. It is the most beautiful colour and always looks amazing in our arrangements.


Hope you all have a lovely Friday and weekend, feel free to send us a picture if these feature in your flowerbed at home!