Five Edible Flower Recipes

Why just admire flowers when you could eat them too? As the clocks have turned back and both the mornings and evenings are getting darker, what better way to brightening up your day than to spruce up your lunch or dinner with the addition of flowers. We’ve pottered around the internet and compiled a list for you of five of our favourite recipes which will hopefully get you feeling inspired.

1. Strawberry and Pansy Tart

If you’re hosting a dinner party or a little afternoon tea, then this recipe would make for the perfect addition. Both pretty and delicious, we love this recipe from ‘Great British Chefs’ by Deb Durrant and are looking forward to giving it a try ourselves.

Five Edible Flower Recipes Jamie Aston Florist

2. Apricot, Cream Cheese and Flower Tatines 

Fancy a floral mid day snack? We’ve got you sorted with this lovely recipe from Sarah Raven, featuring a mix of deliciously fresh flavours. Head over to her website for the full recipe:

Five Edible Flower Recipes Jamie Aston Florist

3. Smoked Salmon Salad 

We’re in love with this smoked salmon salad from Daily Gourmet, both beautiful and full of delicious flavours. Try making it for your weekday lunch, it’ll be sure to make all your work colleagues very jealous!

Five Edible Flower Recipes Jamie Aston Florist

4. Black Cod with Pea Shoots, Mint and Thai Dressing 

Why not adorn your cod with a bit of florals and foliage this evening? Head over to ‘Great British Chefs’ and take a look at this recipe by Andy Waters. Although this may look pretty fancy, it’s actually a fairly simple recipe which would definitely make your normal weekday meal a lot more snazzy.

Five Edible Flower Recipes Jamie Aston Florist

5. Pansy Pancakes 

Take your Sunday brunch to the next level by adding pansies to your pancakes. We love the simplicity of this recipe from Laura Ashley and will definitely be trying it out this weekend, let us know if you give it a go too! You can find the recipe here

Five Edible Flower Recipes Jamie Aston Florist

If you decide to add a floral flourish to your dishes this autumn, we’d love to see a picture! Send them to us at @jamieaston on Instagram, we can’t wait to see what you try.

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