Behind the Scenes: Wedding Table Photoshoot

Not only did we take a lot of pictures of our bouquets and a few male models, we set up 3 different wedding table displays to use as examples of more daring wedding work.

First up was a lovely lilac themed table, the smell of lavender filled the room to make the time shooting an absolute pleasure!

Jamie Aston One Week BridalJamie Aston bridalMattRussell_jamie_aston_142 MattRussell_jamie_aston_137 MattRussell_jamie_aston_133 MattRussell_jamie_aston_131 MattRussell_jamie_aston_129 MattRussell_jamie_aston_126

We loved the use of scabiosa, hydrangea and sweet pea, it created a really delicate and summery feel to the table, along with the gorgeous Moroccan themed table-ware.

Next up was this amazing candelabra setting, with light greens and whites set amongst an old fashioned conservatory, the details of celosia, hydrangea, peony and rose created a lovely delicate feel but still with a little difference using the celosia and differing heights.


IMG_1248 IMG_1249 IMG_1250 IMG_1251 IMG_1252

Our last wedding set up was our favourite, a dark sumptuous pink and purple arrangement of small vases dotted around wooden branches with small twinkling candles.

MattRussell_Jamie_Aston_Day2_18 MattRussell_Jamie_Aston_Day2_31 MattRussell_Jamie_Aston_Day2_29 MattRussell_Jamie_Aston_Day2_28 MattRussell_Jamie_Aston_Day2_26 MattRussell_Jamie_Aston_Day2_25 MattRussell_Jamie_Aston_Day2_20MattRussell_Jamie_Aston_Day2_67  MattRussell_Jamie_Aston_Day2_57

A little move away from the traditional wedding look but we really loved how they turned out! What do you think?

You can always get inspiration from our Wedding mood boards, or if you’d like to discuss ideas with us please contact us here.