Celebrating 10 years of Browns Brides at Elle Fashion Cupboard

A couple of weeks ago we were kindly asked by our friends at Browns Brides to team up with them to celebrate their 10 year anniversary in the perfect setting of Elle’s Fashion Cupboard, right in time for their Elle Wedding Magazine launch of which we also feature.

Brides @ Elle

The team headed over to Elle’s Fashion Cupboard in the Hearst Magazine offices to create 2 window displays to compliment Vera Wang’s bright pink Anniversary Gemma dress, it’s quite the show stopper!

browns 1 browns 2 browns 3

We decided to use trailing ivy and hanging eucalyptus to create a garland up each pole of their accessory plinths, using stunning white  avalanche roses dotted along the garlands it really had a classic, countryside feel to the window. We also added wild and tall vases to the bottom of each plinth to create more depth within the plinths, this looked really effective and finished off the window perfectly.

browns 4 browns 5 browns 6

Browns Bride’s lovely bridal accessories were also made centre stage, delicately placed over small arrangements of white roses it felt like a beautiful and sumptuous wedding set up which we just loved!

browns 7 browns 8 browns 9 browns 10

For more information on the whole event Elle Fashion Cupboard has written an article about the window and also over at Browns Brides blog and Lo Parkin’s illustrations blog. The dress was changed to a slightly lighter pink after installation, we can’t decide which we prefer!

browns 11 browns 12

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