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We must consider how our business interacts to protect and conserve our environment and how we behave in ensuring that the highest ethical standards are adhered to both by our employees and our suppliers.

We subscribe to the UN Global Compact and embrace, support and implement in our sphere of influence the compact’s set of core values in the areas of human rights, labour standards, the environment and anti-corruption.

We have worked with our suppliers to achieve almost 100% supply chain tracking for all of the flowers that we provide to our clients are grown in the most environmentally responsible manner and our suppliers are committed to improving their standards with regard to the welfare of their workforce.

Our key suppliers are accredited with internationally recognised standard marks and are inspected regularly by independent assessors to ensure that these standards are maintained.

The key accreditation bodies are:

ETI – Ethical Trading Initiative

MPS – Milieu Programma Sierleelt (Sierleelt Environmental Programme)

Fair Trade – A labelling initiative which requires accreditation under ETI and MPS Social Chapter before being awarded Fair Trade status.

HEBI – Horticulture Ethical Business Initiative

Apart from ethical standards concerning the well being of the work force, MPS accreditation also compels growers to commit to a reduction in the use of natural resources, energy use and non-organic fertilisers and insecticides, year on year.

There are time however, when we are forced, due to availability issues, to buy from local markets when it is not always possible to ascertain with 100% accuracy, the source of supply.

Within our stores we use low emission/ dual fuel vehicles in our own delivery fleet to minimise the impact that we have on the environment.

We are committed to recycling and the reduction of landfill waste wherever possible and we have converted to low voltage, long-life, lighting schemes.