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Our Favourite Autumnal Flowers

Here at Jamie Aston, we can’t get enough of the lovely russet colours of Autumn and revel in any opportunity to include them in an arrangement. So we thought the best way to celebrate these beautifully rich flowers was to tell you about some of our favourites.

1. Helenium Sneezeweed ‘Sahin’s Early Flowerer’ 

These beauties are about in early summer through to autumn, have daisy-like heads and grow a beautiful colour of auburn. They grow up to 1 metre tall and this type is commonly known as ‘Sneezeweed’ because the Cherokee Indians utilised the dried flowers as a herbal remedy for coughs and colds.


2. Dahlia ‘Lilac Bull’ 

We love the beautiful shade of purple that this flower blooms in and it’s ability to complement autumnal colours wonderfully. This flower can typically be found from summer through to autumn and the plant is known to produce an almost never ending supply of blooms.


3. Red-hot Poker ‘Nobilis’ 

These amazing stems are wonderful in their graduating tones and we think are reminiscent of a rocket ice-lolly! The flower develops in long spikes, reaching 20cm long and are a striking addition to any flower bed or floral arrangement.


4. Crocus Speciosus ‘Albus’ 

These beautiful goblet shaped flowers grow between September and November and are a lovely almost pure white. They are often the earliest autumn crocus to bloom and are very hardy for the sometimes harsh autumn weather.


5. Michaelmas Daisy ‘Aster Amellus’

Heavily associated with the beginning of autumn and harvest, these easy to grow flowers are a wonderful shade of violet and are seen to bloom for weeks in autumn. Bees and butterflies love them and they are a nice reminder every year that autumn has officially arrived.


We’d love to see pictures if you have any of these beautiful blooms in your garden, send them to us on Facebook or Instagram us at @jamieaston