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How To: Floral Pumpkin Arrangements

To celebrate Halloween this year, the students at the floristry school created flower filled pumpkins! Everyone was really happy with the final results and they looked beautiful all lined up together. So we thought why keep this lovely little arrangement to ourselves when we could share it with you too! Follow our step by step guide on how to make yours.


1. Cut the top off your pumpkin using a knife, carving a star shape through the flesh of the pumpkin. Using a spoon, take out the insides of the pumpkin until it is fully hollow.


2. Next, line your pumpkin with cellophane and place your soaked oasis into the centre. We line the pumpkin with cellophane so that if your oasis releases water it won’t make the pumpkin go soggy.Then you need to stick a fixed stub wire into the lid of the pumpkin and insert it into the oasis so that your lid is off at an angle.


3. Now you can begin to fill your pumpkin with your foliage stems, making sure you have cut them down to a few inches before you insert them into you oasis. We used a foliage called Hebe for this, but feel free to experiment with others!


4. Next remove the thorns of your roses and cut them down to a few inches, spreading them evenly around your arrangement.


5. After this, we then brought our chilli stems into the mix and again cut them down to a few inches and spread them around the arrangement.


6. Next we mingled our berries in with the rest of the arrangement, again pushing them into the oasis.


7. We decided to use these beautiful orchids we had in the shop to finish off the arrangement and we just love how the colour transforms it. As in alternative to orchids, we recommend using roses or dahlias in the same colour tone instead.


8. Finally, take lots of lovely photos and send them to @jamieaston on Instagram! We’d love to have a peek at what you’ve done!

IMG_3976 IMG_3994

Hope you have a wonderful Halloween everyone!