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Behind the Scenes: Bouquet Photoshoot

When the decision came to completely overhaul our website we knew the new website needed some serious impact. After a little brainstorming Jamie came to the decision, male models and bouquets! We hadn’t seen it much elsewhere, only in editorial magazines but never along with a florist’s business, so with a lot of organising we finally came to the day where we could shoot 10 different styles of both men and bouquet. Each bouquet had it’s own style which matched the style of guy holding it, we had our jock, our city guy and even our East London man!

MattRussell_Jamie_Aston_Day2_127 MattRussell_Jamie_Aston_Day2_991


We shot in a old carpenter’s warehouse in East London decked out with interesting props and different scenes for each styled bouquet. Our photographer, the amazing Matt Russell, worked with us to create the exact look we wanted and our wonderful styling team, hair and make up from the wonderful Inanch London, and the styling by the gorgeous Pamela Harris made sure our 5 models looked tip top for each look.


MattRussell_Jamie_Aston_Day2_905 MattRussell_Jamie_Aston_Day2_841



IMG_1258MattRussell_Jamie_Aston_Day2_523 MattRussell_Jamie_Aston_Day2_491 MattRussell_Jamie_Aston_Day2_379

The guys were so great and we were so pleased with each shot created. Here’s the behind the scenes video which we used to launch the website last week.

Remember, you can now buy any of these bouquets over on our Online Shop.