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How To Step by Step Hand Tied Bouquet

Today we’re looking at a simple hand tied bouquet, we cover this fully in our one day hand tied classes and seasonal classes which you can find out about here

STEP 1 – So your first step is to pick the flowers you’d like to use in your bouquet, buying from a florist the stems will already be ready to go but if you’re buying flowers from a supermarket or flower market you may need to take off the leaves from the bottom 2 thirds of the stem and pick off any outer petals which have been bruised. You will need a selection of flowers including statement, filler and foliage. Processed with Rookie STEP 2 – Place a stem in your hand and begin building your bouquet by twisting and spiralling the stems in your hands, you want to slightly lower the heads from your highest middle flower as you go along to create a domed effect. Processed with Rookie STEP 3 – Add some foliage around the statement flowers and remember to keep an even distribution of the flowers throughout the bouquet. Processed with Rookie STEP 4 – To add further interest into your bouquet, recess interesting stems like poppy heads to create depth within your bouquet. Processed with Rookie STEP 5 – Once you’re happy with the flowers you have added try to tweak the flowers to ensure the domed effect, a great tip is to face the bouquet towards a mirror, this way you can see the bouquet’s shape much easier. Processed with Rookie STEP 6 – Tie off your stems with string, cut the stems at an angle if they’re going straight into a vase and there you go! Your bouquet is ready to go! Processed with Rookie